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Drs. Altschuler and Wu

Math Matters at the Project ALS CORE

The key to finding better drugs at the Project ALS Therapeutics Core at Columbia (THE CORE) is developing better pre-clinical laboratory models of ALS. A range of models that actually reflect the human disease and capture the complexity of ALS …

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MEET THE CORE: SUSAN BRENNER-MORTON Susan Brenner-Morton is an antibody expert who has spent decades developing these specialized tools to help us understand how motor neurons function normally—and dysfunction in ALS. We sat down virtually with Susan, who is Director …

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Prosetin Receives Orphan Drug Designation

Earlier this month, we reached a big regulatory milestone: Prosetin received Orphan Drug Designation, or orphan status, for the treatment of ALS from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Here, we break down what orphan status means, why it’s important, …

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ALS Research Lab

Improving Pharmacokinetic Properties of Promising Compounds

In our biweekly webinars, we have described the process of developing Prosetin—the first potential investigational drug to emerge from The Project ALS Therapeutics Core at Columbia (THE CORE)—in detail. A collaborative team led by Drs. Emily Lowry, Pieter Bos, Brent …

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Online Campaigns

Don't Talk-A-Thon ALS Research Campaign

Don’t Talk-a-Thon

Since 2014, Project ALS has run an online campaign, the Don’t-Talk-a-Thon, during the month of May, in honor of ALS Awareness Month. For one day each year, supporters take a vow of silence to honor those who are robbed of …

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Wine & Design ALS Fundraiser Event

Wine & Design

Project ALS has partnered with Wine & Design, the awesome paint and sip franchise. During ALS Awareness month in May 2017 and 2018, Wine & Design donated the proceeds of studio classes in 80 locations nationwide, along with an online …

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