ALS Researcher

Drug Screening

Project ALS funds critical drug testing at Columbia University and Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School. The Project ALS Pre-Clinical Core at Columbia is currently testing four drugs, including an all-new anti-inflammatory, and an FDA-approved cancer drug. The Core, led by …
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Studying ALS Patients

The world is closer to understanding the causes of ALS. However, the most important power source in the fight to find medicine these days is…patients themselves. As never before, patients are getting involved with their neurologists, providing them with blood …
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ALS research

Ocular Motor Neurons

Project ALS funds a four-lab consortium working to understand why the motor neurons controlling the eye movement—ocular motor neurons, or OMNs—remain functional in ALS, while motor neurons controlling the limbs are destroyed. The OMN initiative entered Phase Two of funding …
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Project ALS Makes Research Headlines in 2016

Results of four recently published Project ALS studies shed new light on how ALS happens, and strategies for slowing the disease. Project ALS teams led by researchers from Ohio State University, Columbia University, and Harvard University have uncovered evidence that: aspects of …
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