Finding a (scientific) home

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When I started in the MD/PhD program at Columbia, I knew two things: that I wanted to study the brain and that I wanted my research to (one day) make a difference for patients. I knew that to become that … READ MORE ›

Playing Guitar for a Cure

Peter Gusmano

Peter Gusmano’s “A Flickering Light” is the sweet celebration of the electric guitar. The record delivers clear and beautiful melodies on a silver platter. Peter’s love for the instrument is obvious in the language his fingers speak.” -STEVE VAI (Grammy … READ MORE ›

For the Love of Lillie

Lillie Shapiro with her grandchildren

Humble. Caring. Strong. Have you ever had someone in your life that wasn’t concerned with material possessions? Someone that was more concerned about others than themselves? A person whose strength could not be measured? Have you ever had to watch … READ MORE ›

Judy Gold’s Pugochle Cookies


While competing on Rachael Vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-off for Project A.L.S., Judy Gold stole the show with her wit, humor…and family recipe for Pugochle cookies. Now, she’s sharing them with the whole Project A.L.S. family. Judy’s Pugochle Cookies 4 Cups Flour 1 … READ MORE ›