Why Does a Research Advisory Board Matter?

This fall, Project ALS added four eminent scientists to its outstanding Research Advisory Board. Their resumes are impeccable and their achievements make us nervous to share a room with them (see below), but you may wonder: when people are fighting … READ MORE ›

A Giving Spirit Teen Council

This past October, A Giving Spirit Foundation, a Davidson, North Carolina-based charity, sent five members of their newly-formed Teen Council (along with an advisor and parents) to New York to join Project A.L.S. at the 2014 GALA. These teens has … READ MORE ›

Racing Toward a Cure


Months before my husband Tomy and I got married in 2006, my mother, Patricia, started to ever-so-slightly slur her speech at random times. At first, she thought it was due to stress, which at the time seemed pretty understandable as … READ MORE ›

CAPS KIDS for the TCS New York City Marathon

paul marathon

Our Mom, Carol Ann Paul, was diagnosed with ALS on September 25, 2012. Her diagnosis came after roughly three years of watching her decline without explanation. It started with numbness in her hands, then difficulty walking, which soon turned to … READ MORE ›

Team McLaren for the TCS New York City Marathon

2014 Team McLaren with Kim McLaren

The Aurora, IL community continues to remember both Dr. Eric McLaren and his passion for Project A.L.S.  Eric lost his battle with ALS this past summer, and we miss him very much. Pat Roney is training for his third New York City Marathon; … READ MORE ›