Quinn For The Win


I was a young, athletic 28 year old who just finished winning a softball tournament. Everything should have been great, but it wasn’t. The very next day I noticed my arm twitching. This twitching has never stopped and continues to … READ MORE ›

News From Belly Button Beach

Boynton's Hippopotamus

I have a very personal connection to Lou Gehrig’s disease: my fabulous sister Judy had it, and died ten years ago. During her illness, I was fortunate to get to know the tireless and brilliant Estess sisters and the extraordinary … READ MORE ›

The Most Important Ice Bucket Challenge Video You’ll See

We know the devastation of ALS first hand. Our sister, Jenifer Estess, was diagnosed with ALS, seemingly out of nowhere, at age 35. We started Project A.L.S. together, as a family, with our friends, because we wanted more results from medical research. … READ MORE ›

Luckiest Woman on the Face of the Earth

  Carol’s Crew, a group founded by Philadelphia area rower Carol Kleiner to raise funds and awareness for Project A.L.S. research, is escalating its already monumental efforts to stop ALS in July. After raising over $50k through a row-a-thon and … READ MORE ›

Shutdown spotlight: Avery Niedrowski

The Shutdown is on Sunday, and today we want to thank someone very special: Avery Niedrowski, who planted the seed for this event when she took a ten hour vow of silence in memory of her grandfather in 2011. Avery has … READ MORE ›